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About Us

Want to publish non-fiction but not quite sure how to find a publisher and get published?

You might have a great idea for a non-fiction book or some learning resources and know where you want to end up, but need some pointers as to what steps to take next on your get-published journey.

Not sure how and when to approach a publisher?

Which would be the best publisher for you? What could a publisher do for you?

Or has a publisher approached you to produce an e-book of your title, but
you’re not sure?

Or perhaps you’re thinking of self
publishing? You think you should go it
alone and retain control but don’t want to make any expensive mistakes?
Whatever the next stage of your publishing journey, as a
Publishing Insider, I can help you.

Business owners/entrepreneurs

Running your own business, you can see how translating your own expertise into a book would be great for raising your profile, attracting a few more clients and perhaps even improving your revenue line. What credibility that would bring you and your business to see your name as the author of a best-selling book!


As a teacher you might have a cupboard full of resources you’ve developed for your own students but had often thought about sharing them with others. At the same time, you’d quite like to be able to earn some money from it and help your own career by raising your profile a bit.

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