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About Mary James, Publishing Insider
With more than 20 years experience in publishing, I am well placed to know the ins and outs of the publishing world, how publishers go about deciding what to publish and what they look for in a best-selling author. I know the world of publishing from the inside out, thatís why I call myself a Publishing Insider.

Knowing how publishing works on the inside means that I can guide you to position yourself to get published and approach a publisher whoíll work for you.

I have an editorial background which means Iíve worked at deciding which would be the best books to publish, hiring authors and working with them to shape and craft their material to maximise its market potential. Before opting for the independent life, I was Editorial Director in a major publishing house in London.

For much of my publishing career, Iíve worked with experts. Experts who know their own specialism like the back of their hand.

Expert teachers
Iíve worked with authors who are primary and secondary teachers and college tutors in all subject areas, so I know a good learning resource when I see one and what makes educational resources - print or electronic - sell in the schools market. Iíve also got good contacts with many educational publishers and know what theyíre looking for in a good author.

Expert entrepreneurs, business owners
More recently, too, Iíve worked in the womenís business owning market and have applied my publishing know-how to the needs of female entrepreneurs and business owners. Not only have I published books for the business community but as a business owner myself, I know what a powerful business card a book can be to promote you and your business.